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SolarWinds: Should Security Live in InfoSec or DevOps

The SUNBURST malware attack on SolarWinds shone a light on how threat actors can “shift left” and attack the software supply chain itself—with catastrophic results. To defend against similar attacks in the future, all organizations that build software for commercial or internal use must shift their defenses left to protect all aspects of the software supply chain, including the entire build pipeline. Although it is clear that something needs to be done, the big question is which part of the organization should take primary responsibility—InfoSec or development teams.

Did Social Distancing Change Key Ceremonies Forever?

With the onset and persistence of the coronavirus, we saw radical changes in the way that we interacted physically. For most of a year where physical distancing impacted many aspects of our lives, we saw that some functions transition more easily to the virtual world than others. For those in the crypto world, things like managing hardware security modules became extremely problematic. We were forced to grapple with questions like how do you physically distance inside a secure vault?

Introducing QxCloud™ and QxCloud™ as a Service: Next Generation Hybrid Multi-cloud Capable Trust Infrastructure for Identity Based Digital Transformation

Introducing QxCloud™ and QxCloud™ as a Service: Next Generation Hybrid Multi-cloud Capable Trust Infrastructure for Identity BasedDigital Transformation

Cybersecurity firm Crypto4A names tech veteran Scott as CEO

Fuelled by a new round of funding, Ottawa cybersecurity firm Crypto4A is getting set to take the next step in its scaleup journey under the leadership of a seasoned tech veteran it found right in its own corporate boardroom.

Crypto4A Featured in Innovate Ottawa EBook

Crypto4A is proud to be a part of the first edition of Innovate Ottawa, an interactive e-book showcasing the growth and innovation happening in our city. Find us on page 228.

Crypto4A Technologies Inc. Announces the QxEDGE™, the World’s First HSM-as-a-Platform with Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) as Lead Customer

Crypto4A Technologies Inc. today announced the world’s first of its kind hardware security module (HSM) as a platform, the QxEDGE™. The QxEDGE™ is an innovative and unique hyper-converged cyber security platform.

Irdeto and Crypto4A Partner to Bring Hyper-Converged Security Platform QxEDGE™ to New Markets

Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, today announces its partnership with Crypto4A, a company providing quantum-ready cybersecurity foundations for a trusted digital world. The companies have partnered to bring QxEDGE™ to the automotive, rail, and construction industries. This innovative, hyper-converged cybersecurity platform will allow Tier 1s, OEMs, and operators to deploy and manage highly secure and sensitive workloads and operations in a fully distributed edge-computing manner, enabling new business and operational models.

Crypto4A Undergoes Next Phase of Stress and Scalability Testing

We have achieved another milestone deployment for the Root of QAOS at CENGN’s advanced facilities. Speak to us if you want to speed up your infrastructure and step up your security.

Ottawa’s Crypto4A Heads Off Those Scary Quantum Threats

We spoke to Ottawa Life Magazine’s Michael Bussière about our origins and how we’re hoping to support a quantum ready world.

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