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ISARA hybrid certs

ISARA Dedicates Four Hybrid Certificate Patents to the Public, Easing Path to Quantum-Safe Security

Industry Supports Post-Quantum Hybrid Certificate Patents, Made Widely Available from ISARA to Ease Path for Quantum-Safe Security

Nobel Prize Boosts Quantum Encryption

Nobel Prize in Physics Boosts Quantum Encryption

Nobel Prize in Physics Boosts Quantum Encryption Nobel Prize advances the push to tap the power of quantum computing.

FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ Validation

Crypto4A QASM™ achieves FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ Validation for the world’s first PQC-capable Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Crypto4A today announces that its patented QASM™ Cryptographic Hardware Security Module (HSM) has officially achieved Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3+ validation.

David Mahdi joins Advisory Board

Crypto4A Announces David Mahdi joins Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce that former Gartner VP Analyst, and Chief Strategy Officer of Sectigo, David Mahdi, has joined C4A as an Advisor.

Funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario

Government of Canada supports digital technologies in southern Ontario

FedDev Ontario invests nearly $4 million in iS5 Communications Inc. and Crypto4A Technologies Inc. to scale-up operation; create 45 new skilled jobs; and maintain more than 90 jobs

Get Quantum Ready with Hybrid Certificates

The idea of a hybrid certificate is to utilize the existing X.509 structure to include both a “classical public key”—your RSA or elliptic curve key—and a quantum-safe key. Make your company ready for a quantum safe security posture.

Crypto Agility and Quantum Preparedness: Build Now for the Future

Crypto agility is the ability to adopt alternate crypto primitives without significantly changing the entire infrastructure. If we’re going to do a migration, then crypto agility is one of those tools or methodologies that’s going to allow us to continue needed transitions over time.

ISARA, Carillon and Crypto4A Partnership enables a world first Canadian fully integrated Quantum-Safe Now™ PKI solution

(OTTAWA, WATERLOO and MONTREAL, Canada – October 21, 2021) Crypto4A Technologies Inc., ISARA Corp., and Carillon Information Security Inc. today announced their partnership agreement focused on providing organizations with a next generation Quantum Safe NowTM Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution. The Quantum-Safe Now™ PKI solution integrates ISARA’s Radiate Quantum-safe Toolkit and Catalyst Agile Digital Certificate…

ISARA and Crypto4A Partnership Simplifies and Accelerates Digital Transformations

Combining Crypto4A’s hardware anchored Qx™ Trust Architecture (QxTA™) with ISARA’s software expertise in implementing crypto-agility and quantum-safe security, the two organizations are working together to develop and introduce seamless and easy to use market-ready cryptographic based solutions for digital transformations.

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