Cryptography Secures Digital Trust and Value

We align with today's cloud-driven world, expanding the reach of identity-based applications while applying hybrid and post-quantum standards and practices - today.

The Crypto4A Difference

We help enable and protect digital value in today's compute environments and uplift your cryptography for the benefits of quantum without any of the burdens. We have created and deployed the alternative to yesterday’s HSMs. An advanced HSM is one component of our alternative hybrid security platform.

Our alternative is based on over 300 years of prior experience in HSM and cryptographic developments and in 24/7 global high assurance, high availability environments. We reimagine cryptography architecture for advances, applications, infrastructures, threats, regulations, and distributed work environments not even imagined when HSMs and PKIs were developed over twenty-five years ago.


Our Vision

Easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to sustain cybersecurity foundations - today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

Develop and deploy new foundations that deliver cryptographic solutions that are simple, scalable, sustainable, and universally available.

Our Industry Firsts

  • Quorum-based Dual Control
  • Quantum-Safe Now next-generation hardware security module QASM™
  • Trusted Communications Matrix (TCMX™)
  • NIST Reference Entropy as a Service
  • Flexible deployment models and consumption
  • Quantum-Safe Code Updates
  • Confidential compute built-in
  • API ecosystem across hybrid environments

We Have

Combined Years of CyberSecurity Experience
Patents / Patents pending
Generation HSMs
Ecosystem Partners

Canadian Root of Trust

Crypto4A is deeply rooted in the cryptographic and technology communities.

We work with domestic, national, and international bodies and collaborators. We continue to advance cryptography as the best way of adding trust and value to society.



Speak With Us

Our team has over 300 years of combined experience in the development and application of cybersecurity products and services. We continue to develop our experience by working with domestic and international bodies and clients to solve enablement and security problems.

Together with our valued collaborators, we are helping to build trust and confidence in elevated new cybersecurity foundations for a connected digital world.

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