Panel for New Frontiers in Quantum Science

Panel for New Frontiers in Quantum Science

Join Bruno Couillard, CEO & CTO of Crypto4A on this panel discussion about the potential for quantum technologies to support Canada’s climate actions, net-zero targets and energy transitions.

ISARA Dedicates Four Hybrid Certificate Patents to the Public

Industry Supports Post-Quantum Hybrid Certificate Patents, Made Available to the Public by ISARA

Expanding crypto-agile, quantum-safe security solutions, with industry support from leading companies including Crypto4A, DigiCert, Entrust, Keyfactor, PKI Solutions, Sectigo, and Venafi.

David Mahdi joins Advisory Board

Chief Strategy Officer of Sectigo, and former Gartner VP Analyst, David Mahdi, has joined Crypto4A as an Advisor.


Cloud-Scale Trust Model for Digital Transformation

Today’s trends - identity, digital innovation, cloud/multi-cloud migration, edge computing, 5G, IoT, LEO, and emerging post-quantum cryptographic standards - demand alternative approaches to software-defined trust infrastructures. Developers, cloud providers, and organizations gain greater control, custody, and operational management of their keys in cloud / multi-cloud and hybrid environments.



Locate and monitor the posture of your cryptographic assets



Regain custody and control of your cryptographic assets



Empower developers to deploy using a cloud-scale trust model



Resilient digital asset availability across environments



Business continuity, adaptability, and recoverability



Audit and enforce compliance of policies

The Hybrid Security Platform

Identities - human, device, machine, and data - are the new value and security perimeters. They are also the new attack surfaces in a distributed and application-driven digital economy.

Our Hybrid Security Platform addresses the limitations of today’s Hardware Security Module (HSM) constrained infrastructures to support identities, and it provides a unified approach for on-prem, hybrid, and cloud deployments, while enabling new modes of consumption and cryptographic agility.


Home HSP

Agile and Hybrid Approach to Zero Trust Architectures

  • Quantum-Safe by design
  • Cryptographic agility
  • Quorum-based dual control, authorization, and remote access
  • Confidential compute engines
  • Ecosystem of cryptographic applications and services
  • Cloud-native API’s
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ HSM
  • Unified approach for all architectures (on-prem, hybrid, cloud)
  • Innovative business and pricing models

Partner Ecosystem

...When the crypto-apocalypse comes, Crypto4A and Venafi customers will be ready.

- Kevin Bocek, VP Security & Threat Intelligence, Venafi

Crypto4a's QxEDGE™ HSM will allow us to build a system with security and reliability that can scale to billions of IoT devices over the coming years.

-Jacques Latour, CTO Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

The Latest News from Crypto4A

ISARA hybrid certs

ISARA Dedicates Four Hybrid Certificate Patents to the Public, Easing Path to Quantum-Safe Security

Industry Supports Post-Quantum Hybrid Certificate Patents, Made Widely Available from ISARA to Ease Path for Quantum-Safe Security

Nobel Prize Boosts Quantum Encryption

Nobel Prize in Physics Boosts Quantum Encryption

Nobel Prize in Physics Boosts Quantum Encryption Nobel Prize advances the push to tap the power of quantum computing.

FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ Validation

Crypto4A QASM™ achieves FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ Validation for the world’s first PQC-capable Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Crypto4A today announces that its patented QASM™ Cryptographic Hardware Security Module (HSM) has officially achieved Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3+ validation.

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