Crypto Agility

Adapt with ease to changes in cryptographic algorithms, protocols, and standards. As cryptographic technologies evolve, our solution allows you to quickly update your encryption without having to completely replace your systems. 

What is Crypto Agility?

Crypto agility refers to the ability of a system or device to easily and quickly change or update its cryptographic algorithms or protocols as standards change, without requiring significant changes to the underlying infrastructure or disrupting their operations. This allows organizations to respond quickly to changing security threats and vulnerabilities by updating their cryptographic systems to stay ahead of potential attacks. Crypto agility can also enable organizations to comply with new security standards or regulations as they are developed.

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The Crypto Agility Challenge

As cryptography is widely spread across your digital infrastructure, it is hard to find and replace it everywhere without significant costs or disruptions to operations. Regulations surrounding Post Quantum Computing are being developed as the technology is rapidly evolving. It is vital to be able to support new algorithms as the choice of official standard algorithms is finalized.

Without action, vulnerabilities in cryptography put organizations of all types at risk of a breach or non-compliance with regulations.


Quantum-Safe Firmware Updates to Support Standard and Future Algorithms

Our FPGA-based HSMs already support the existing PQC standard algorithms LMS and XMSS as well as the current pre-standard Round 3 Candidates. Final implementations of these new algorithms will be provided as they become standardized, via firmware updates which are themselves Quantum-Safe, thanks to our use of ECDSA and LMS as our NIST-compliant and Quantum-Safe signature algorithms. This helps our customers avoid costly “forklift” updates for their HSM and eases their PQC transition at no additional cost.

How Crypto4A can assist your business

Crypto4A’s products and solutions protect your digital infrastructure, data, and applications against current and future threats allowing you to adapt with ease to changes in cryptographic algorithms, protocols, and new standards, without having to completely replace your systems.


Post Quantum Cryptography

Easy product configuration for new cryptographic algorithms, including PQC.


Future Proof

Ensure that your systems remain secure in the face of advances in computing technology.


Software Defined, Hardware Enforced

Flexible and customizable security policies enforced in a tamper-proof manner.



Adapt your cryptography as new requirements, markets, algorithms, and standards emerge.


Quantum-Safe Updates

Easily replace vulnerable-to-attack algorithms with a new set of cryptographic algorithms.



Easy setup and configuration without the need for extensive technical knowledge or expertise.

Supporting Products



Quantum-safe HSM that is crypto-agile with world-class usability and transparent pricing.


Hybrid Security Platform that includes quantum-safe HSMs and confidential computing.