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Fully-integrated and hyper-converged Hardware Security Platform (HSP) that combines a quantum-safe HSM with both general-purpose processing engines and confidential compute engines to deliver highly-integrated cybersecurity solutions for a diverse set of use cases.

The problem

How can a Hardware Security Platform (HSP) help you build and deploy repeatable cybersecurity solutions?

Developing a wide variety of high-quality integrated security solutions can be labour intensive and costly. With the QxEDGE™, you can take advantage of a common set of built-in cybersecurity features and components to rapidly develop custom and repeatable solutions that can be deployed at scale across your organization.

Flexible, programmable, future-proof Security Platform

Built using Crypto4A’s QxTrust Architecture™, the QxEDGE™ is a fully-integrated and hyper-converged Hardware Security Platform (HSP) that combines an HSM with both General-Purpose Processing Engines and Confidential Compute Engines to deliver highly-integrated cybersecurity solutions for a diverse set of use cases.


Key Benefits of the QxEDGE™


Build custom solutions with ease

Rapidly develop new cybersecurity solutions to meet your unique requirements and use cases across diverse industries leveraging the latest cloud native technologies.


Future Proof your investment

Adapt with ease to changes in cryptographic algorithms, protocols, and standards by choosing hardware-based Crypto Agility backed by Quantum-Safe foundations.


Crypto Scalability when you need it

Handle increasing demands for secure communication, and data and identity protection as your systems scale to adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape.


  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Quantum Assured Security Module (QASM)
  • Quantum-safe and crypto-agile
  • Trusted Communication Matrix (TCMx)
  • Advanced 24/7 Anti-Tamper Security (ATS)
  • General Purpose Processing Engines (PEs)
  • Confidential Compute Engines (CEs)
  • Secure network zoning and isolation
  • Custom application support
  • Programmable

Product Uses


Network Attached HSM


PQC Migration Solutions


Software & Firmware Supply Chain Security


Machine Identity Protection / Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


Internet Infrastructure Security (DNSSEC)


Confidential and Privacy Computing


Manufacturing 3.0 (IIoT)


Mobile Edge Compute (5G)


Cryptocurrency Custody Solutions

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