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  • April 30, 2024
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Crypto4A Unveils Groundbreaking QxHSM™: The Next Generation in Hardware Security Modules

Pioneering Canadian cyber-security company, Crypto4A Technologies Inc. (Crypto4A), proudly announces the general availability of QxHSM™.

(Ottawa, Canada – May 2, 2024)

QxHSM™, a fifth-generation Hardware Security Module (HSM) represents a significant leap in security technology, boasting a revolutionary modular blade form factor designed to optimize operational efficiencies and significantly lower total cost of ownership. This innovative solution provides unparalleled true quantum-safe cryptographic agility, mobility, and scalability, enabling organizations to effortlessly adapt to the rapid pace of technological advancements.

QxHSM™ was designed from the ground up with built-in crypto-mobility through which users gain true ownership of cryptographic assets. This ensures maximum flexibility and control for the entire lifecycle thereby avoiding vendor lock-in. Its support for flexible cloud-scale deployment architectures allows seamless integration into evolving applications and standards, and compliance with ever-evolving regulatory requirements.

As the move to post quantum cryptography starts to accelerate, one of largest impacts will be creating and signing the enormous number of certificates that most organizations use. In fact, this will be a two-fold problem. First, creating hybrid certificates that have both classical and PQC signatures and keys for use in testing existing systems for PQC readiness, and later, replacing them with fully PQC certs once Q-Day has passed. Because of the volume and pervasiveness of certificates in many different systems, HSMs will play an essential role in the coming PQC transition period,” explained Mark Horvath, VP Analyst at Gartner.

Rack deployment density is increased by 300 percent compared to traditional network-attached HSMs significantly driving down costs while improving operational efficiency. A future-proof agile architecture that supports multiple deployment configurations ensures an extended useful life of a QxHSM™, which combined with our transparent, all-inclusive pricing means a lower total cost of ownership over the life of our products.

Alongside the QxHSM™ announcement, Crypto4A also announced availability of two new blade chassis options, QxBMC-1™ and QxBMC-3™. The QxBMC-1™ is a desktop chassis that can accommodate a single QxHSM™ blade module for smaller deployments such as offline root applications, or for development purposes. The QxBMC-3™ is a 19” rack mounted 1U chassis that can accommodate up to three QxHSM™ blade modules for production environments. Multiple QxBMC-3™ chassis can be combined across geographies for highly available, scalable, and elastic clusters of network-attached HSMs to meet the most demanding use cases including on-prem, private, and public cloud deployments.

Pre-release customers and partners who have deployed the QxHSM™, have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback; and particularly appreciate the innovative new form factor,” stated John O’Connor, Vice President of Product Management at Crypto4A Technologies Inc. “Today marks an exciting milestone as we announce the general availability of QxHSM™, making this groundbreaking technology accessible to all. In an era where every organization must quickly navigate towards a post-quantum safe security posture, QxHSM™ not only provides the path forward but also addresses pressing operational challenges and security threats faced by organizations today. By streamlining HSM management, it empowers InfoSec, DevOps, and IT teams alike, enhancing productivity, reducing total cost of ownership, and optimizing the utilization of an organization’s HSM investment.

About Crypto4A

Crypto4A Technologies Inc. is a Canadian cybersecurity technology company providing industry leading, fifth-generation quantum-safe crypto-agile Hardware Security Modules (HSM), Hardware Security Platforms (HSP), and PQC Migration Solutions. Its products and solutions provide processing capabilities for classic and quantum-safe cryptography that is built in — not bolted on. Crypto4A enables the cryptographic agility, mobility, and scalability demanded by enterprises and government agencies to secure their digital assets and infrastructure while adapting to changing markets, standards, and requirements.

To learn more about QxHSM™ please visit https://www.crypto4a.com

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