• March 1, 2022
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(Toronto, Ottawa – March 1, 2022)

Crypto4A Technologies Inc. (C4A), a Canadian company focused on cybersecurity and cryptography, is pleased to announce that former Gartner VP Analyst, and Chief Strategy Officer of Sectigo, David Mahdi, has joined C4A as an Advisor.

“David joining the C4A team as an Advisor further adds to the exciting progress in the space of cybersecurity and cryptography. We are excited to leverage David’s knowledge and experience to help amplify our product strategy and go-to-market efforts“, said John Scott, CEO, C4A. “David has unique experiences in the identity and cybersecurity fields and has helped to define markets, as well as many best practices in the space of cryptography.”

“I am excited and honored to join the cybersecurity and cryptography pioneers of C4A as an Advisor”,  said David. “The market has long relied on legacy approaches to establish digital trust with antiquated views on cryptography – C4A aims to positively disrupt and change all of that.”

With a career spanning 20 years, David has helped large organizations tackle digital transformation projects that included digital identity, IoT security, and early-stage blockchain efforts. He guided organizations to build internal cryptography teams, such as the cryptography center of excellence; and assisted emerging technology providers with IPOs, raising capital, and M&A, among many other contributions. A top-performing analyst at Gartner, his depth and breadth of coverage made him one of the most in-demand industry analysts for clients around the globe. As a market maker, David was instrumental in creating markets and definitions for areas such as: decentralized identity (DCI), bring your own identity (BYOI), passwordless authentication, machine identity management, and privacy-enhanced computation.

In his current role of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and CISO Advisor at Sectigo, David leads the company’s overall strategy, direction, and M&A efforts to expand its leadership in the digital trust space. David holds several board advisory positions for non-profits and established technology providers in the areas of digital and decentralized identity, post-quantum cryptography, cybersecurity awareness, and blockchain/NFTs.

“Digital business is now here. Yet with the ever-evolving increase in cyberattacks, organizations need to ensure that they conduct business with trusted entities, whether they are partners  or customers. As such, the rapidly expanding digital world needs digital trust. The battle-hardened approach to establish and maintain trust in the digital world requires leveraging strong cryptography at the core. So it follows that for the entire digital world, whether it is hybrid-multi-cloud, DeFi, or a Web 3.0 decentralized approach, cryptography is the critical foundation for all things digital. C4A’s products, vision, and team’s focus on a secure digital future is impressive. The C4A pioneers, who helped develop the world’s first HSMs, recognize that establishing digital trust in humans, software, and machines today, and more importantly in a post-quantum tomorrow, needs to be brought into this decade”, said David.  “C4A is only scratching the surface; in a short matter of time, I know they will lead the market and help clients drive their digital efforts securely and effectively into this digital decade.”

Bruno Couillard, a Founder and CTO of C4A added, “We are honoured to have David join us in an Advisory capacity. His recognized expertise, experience, and market vision will continue to help us advance our ideas for a more secure digital future based on much-needed modernized techniques. The time is right for C4A to accelerate its commercialization efforts and market-based roadmap enhancements through a variety of partnerships, with cloud, software, machine identity, IoT providers, and emerging cryptocurrency players, as well as with greater participation in standards bodies.”

About Crypto4A – C4A QxTrust Architecture helps enable crypto agility for Zero Trust environments. Developed by Founders who created previous crypto key architectures with the market-leading HSM, the QxTrust patented architecture accelerates digital transformations, cloud migrations, and the fast and secure operation of business and security workloads from anywhere in the world, by protecting digital keys, data, and applications.

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