• June 15, 2022
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(Ottawa, ON, Canada) June 15th, 2022 — Crypto4A Technologies Inc. a Canadian cybersecurity company (C4A), today announces that its patented QASM™ Cryptographic Hardware Security Module (HSM) has officially achieved Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS140-2 Level 3+ validation.

As the on-board core of C4A’s next-generation Hybrid Security Platform (HSP), the QASM™ includes classic and quantum-safe roots of trust that can be used for classic, hybrid and post-quantum cryptography, together with new crypto-agile capabilities. The C4A QASM™  also meets industry requirements for next generation cryptographic agilities in areas such as quorum-based remote key management, remote quantum-safe firmware updates and code signing, thereby enabling IoT, OT, 5G and confidential computing use cases.

C4A co-founder and CTO Bruno Couillard stated: “We are very excited to have achieved the world’s first FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ validated post quantum crypto (PQC) capable HSM with our QASM™. QASM™ future-proofs digital environments by replacing, and/or co-existing with existing HSM technologies that are rooted in legacy cryptography and purpose-built processing architectures. Many legacy HSM cryptographic systems are not capable of handling modern and future computing demands, which require agility, scale and hybrid and post-quantum cryptography capabilities.

Bruno added, “The C4A co-founders, Dr. Jim Goodman, JP Fiset, Brad Ritchie and I saw over a decade ago the need to advance HSM based technologies for their increasingly important role in modern computing architectures. The collective thought reflected in the design and engineering of the QASM™ and the HSP, positions C4A as a market leader in post-quantum and crypto-agile capabilities. We are very proud of our team for achieving FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ validation, providing the evidence organizations require to implement Crypto4A as the forward looking alternative to traditional HSM vendors.”

David Mahdi, former Gartner Research VP, Chief Strategy Officer for Sectigo, and an Advisor to C4A, added, “Today every business is a digital business; and digital businesses need digital trust. Digital trust must be rooted in strong cryptography that is properly implemented and operated. C4A’s new FIPS Level 3+ certification provides new assurances that allow digital trust to be deployed in new markets with new outcomes while providing a bridge for the rotation from legacy cryptography to hybrid and post-quantum cryptography. In order to be ready for the future, businesses need to begin to prepare now for a cryptographically dominated world. This world will include hybrid models that support legacy and PQC cryptographies. Whether for modern day business, or future facing web 3.0 or 5G needs, new crypto-agile capabilities are critical for digital business and digital trust going forward.”

“FIPS 140-2 level 3+ validation represents two significant milestones for C4A and our four founders, validating the 5 years of investment, design and forward focus needed to develop, engineer, and implement the QASM HSM and the HSP”, stated John Scott, CEO of Crypto4A.

“With deep knowledge of the design and build of the current HSM’s, this new FIPS validation confirms their vision of a new era where quantum-safe roots of trust enable new cryptographic capabilities for new zero-trust growth markets including 5G, IoT, Web 3.0, blockchain, confidential compute and identity based digital objects, amongst others.”

Adding, “ With Y2Q, and legal and regulatory oversight fast approaching, all industries can benefit from a quantum-safe hybrid root of trust HSM with crypto-agile capabilities. Our HSP’s  – the QxCloud and the QxEdge formally meet the required government cryptographic validation standard, allowing organizations to adopt with confidence the HSP as a core component of their digital architectures and quantum preparedness.”

About Crypto4A Technologies Inc.

C4A is a Canadian cybersecurity technology company whose four founders developed the foundation of the current market leading HSM over 25 years ago. After five years of research and leveraging over 100 years of senior leadership experience in cryptography, key management, product development and operations for government, military, and financial deployments, they designed a next generation hybrid security platform whose QASM™ HSM and hardware-enforced, software-defined Trusted Communications Matrix (TCMx™) combine new processing capabilities with new quantum-safe and agile cryptographic outcomes. Containing up to 6 computing engines, configurable to operate in separate network security zones, highly secure confidential computing environments are created to meet current and future cryptographic and secure computing requirements, such as those required for zero-trust environments such as 5G, IoT and digital identity.

For the press release, please visit http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/June2022/15/c7452.html