Crypto4A is developing Next Generation Security Processing Appliances, bringing assurance to Cybersecurity.

Company Summary

Crypto4A was founded by four Canadian experts in the field of information security and cryptography for commercial and military applications. Bruno Couillard, Jean-Pierre Fiset, Jim Goodman and Brad Ritchie, who collectively have over 100 years of direct experience in this field, were instrumental in the design of the first generation of commercial hardware security modules.

Customer Problem

Cyber-attacks cost businesses over $400 billion a year. Existing Government best practices are too complex for most businesses, and are often ineffective against today’s advanced persistent threats. 80% of North American organizations believe that conventional security tools fall short for Cloud-based environments. Furthermore, Internet security is fast becoming a serious national security concern worldwide.

Products & Services

Crypto4A's Security Processing Appliance (SPA) addresses today’s security concerns when deploying cloud-based systems. This next generation holistic security architecture is the result of extensive experience with cryptography, key management, information assurance, physical and operational security. Crypto4A’s products are designed to meet emerging security assurance standards (e.g., Canadian Medium Assurance Solutions and American Commercial Solutions for Classified - CSfC) by providing true hardware processing isolation and advanced anti-tamper techniques. All software elements are strongly authenticated using Quantum Resistant authentication mechanisms, and the products are designed for trusted remote management. All manufacturing is done in Canada by trusted partners and suppliers.

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Crypto4A is located in the Canada's National Capital Region.

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