Digital Transformation is Only Possible with Digital Trust

Digital trust underpins our entire digital economy and makes the digital transformation of businesses possible. With quantum computing on the horizon, however, the next generation of cryptography will be needed.

Read the latest on digital transformation, cloud migration, crypto agility and what it takes to be quantum-ready.

hybrid certificates help with post-quantum transition

How hybrid certificates help with post-quantum transition

John O’Connor, Vice President of Product Management at Crypto4A, is sharing a very exciting announcement from ISARA! Watch on to learn about the innovative steps ISARA is taking on behalf of the whole industry, and how you and your teams will be able to benefit from this change as you continue to prepare for a post-quantum world.

3 Key Take-aways from NIST Round 3

Just today NIST released its report on the results of their Round 3 process for selecting post-quantum algorithms for standardization. These new and emerging standards will be candidates for use in our roots of trust, our applications, our devices, networks, protocols and so on.
will protect our digital identities, and by extension the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our connected digital structures. They will also serve to protect our privacy. They are the new foundations of digital trust.

trust and verify in zero-trust environments


The old adage of ‘trust but verify’ (or ‘zero- trust’) is proving hard to do with today’s HSMs, particularly in cloud and multi-cloud settings. In an ‘always on /always immediate’ connected economy with emergent digital identities, no real-time lags and straight-through processing needs, ‘trust but verify’ needs to change to ‘trust and verify’. Each time.

First Steps to Post-Quantum Readiness

Concrete First Steps to Post-Quantum Readiness

We expect that this US government initiative will be followed by other like-minded governments and industries around the world. We see the Biden Executive Order as a positive and necessary first step in creating an inventory of quantum-safe cryptography


Back to the Future – and the Past

Here are some thoughts on approaches for the current and coming crypto issues and how these will begin to impact our IT projects, systems, and processes.

non-commercial settings

Harvest and decrypt

It’s quite possible with all the recent and accelerating quantum breakthroughs that we are now arriving at the stage of what is known as ‘event risk’, and that as a prudent defensive expenditure for the future, given the amount of work, expertise, and time involved to become quantum safe, it is time to begin preparations and planning for strengthening the digital trust we all rely on. 

harvest now, decrypt later

Now? Is Now a Good Time?

Scrape the data, even if its encrypted, and work away offline on cracking the encryption … general purpose quantum computers to decrypt the data will greatly help…..

digital value

Back to the Future

In our last blog, we explored the many, many places cryptography enables the delivery of digital value and digital trust in today’s enterprises and supply chains.  In this blog, we want to explore what it means in practice to say that cryptography is everywhere in your technology stacks – and in everyone else’s technology stacks…

A Boat Load Of Crypto

A Boat Load Of Crypto

In my last blog, we discussed the need to know where and how your crypto is currently being used in your organization and in your supply chain interactions. You will find it useful to do this on a regular basis, and you will want to bring in some central coherence and visibility to this function…

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