Root of QAOS™

In Cybersecurity, Entropy is Your Ally

It’s surprisingly difficult to create truly random numbers. But without strong randomness, we can't generate strong cryptographic keys. Without strong keys, we don't have strong machine identity and can’t make secure connections. In a way, Internet security is built on chaos.


Root Qaos@0.5x

The Root of QAOS™: Stronger and Faster

The Root of QAOS™ entropy generation device delivers vast quantities of high-quality entropy faster than any other solution. This ensures you get maximum performance from your infrastructure without compromising on strong cryptographic keys.

Solves Performance Bottlenecks in Data Centers

The virtual machines in data centers have a hard time generating their own random numbers for their cryptographic operations. When you scale that to the thousands of machines in a typical facility, it creates a massive performance bottleneck. With the Root of QAOS™, that roadblock is effectively eliminated.

Key Attributes and Benefits

We’ve made cybersecurity simple to use, scalable to any organization’s needs, and sustainable.


High-Quality Entropy
Generated from multiple independent hardware sources.


Easy to Use
Web-based configuration and management interface makes life easier for DevSecOps teams.


Designed for Productivity
High-bandwidth entropy streams to service multiple applications and processes in parallel.


Rack-Mount Form Factor
Designed for ease of installation in data centre / IT / telecom environments.


Easy to Integrate
Client-side applications and libraries for easy integration on a wide range of devices, for entropy pool seeding.


NIST Entropy-as-a-Service Compatible
Support for multiple EaaS protocols to meet the needs and match the capabilities of power or compute-constrained devices.

Supported Standards and Protocols

The Root of QAOS™ supports a broad range of protocols and standards to provide easy and trusted application access to services based on NIST’s EaaS reference architecture.

  • Supports and provides client implementation of the standardized ‘Pollen’ EaaS protocol.
  • Supports the emerging standard ‘Spore’ EaaS protocol (a lightweight EaaS protocol designed to meet the needs of low-power IoT devices).
  • Provides standard REST APIs for custom integrations.

Root of QAOS™ at a Glance


  • Full implementation of the NIST Entropy as a Service (EaaS) reference architecture in a 19” 1U rackmount appliance
  • High-quality entropy generated from 5 independent hardware sources
  • Trusted, certified, and continuously self-monitored entropy with source validation
  • 24/7 Active Anti-Tamper
  • Multiple integration levels: Hypervisor, Operating System, Application
  • Easy-to-use web-based configuration and management interface
  • Support for multiple EaaS protocols to meet the needs and match the capabilities of power or compute constrained devices
  • Quantum-ready solution
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada
  • Standards: NIST specifications for Entropy-as-a-Service (EaaS), FIPS 140-2 Level 3, NIST SP 800-90A, and NIST SP 800-90B

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