Hybrid Security Platform

The Hybrid Security Platform (HSP)

Extends the capabilities of a classical hardware security module (HSM) to address new use cases, an ever-evolving threat landscape, and new hybrid deployment models where cryptographic agility, and secure remote access are key requirements for digital transformation.

At the core of the HSP is the Quantum Assured Security Module (QASM) based on our patented next-generation FPGA-based architecture that provides hardware-based cryptographic agility, hardware-enforced access control and authorization that is coupled with both general purpose and confidential compute capabilities.

Key Benefits of a Hybrid Security Platform


Quantum-Safe Now™ by Design

The HSP leverages existing quantum-safe hash-based algorithms to secure the firmware on the platform and supports both classical cryptography and Post-Quantum Cryptographic algorithms and hybrid certificates.


Cryptographic Agility

To support future cryptographic requirements, the HSP provides hardware-based cryptographic agility through the use of our patented FPGA-based architecture.



Quorum-Based Dual Control, Authorization and Remote Access

The HSP supports full separation of duties and control of the platform and the cryptographic assets through the use of quorums, while enabling HSP's secure remote management.


Confidential Compute Engines

The HSP allows you to perform confidential computing in a trusted environment enforced by data guards and controlled by quorum-based authorization processes. This brings previously offline digital assets online with greater security and flexibility.


Cryptographic Apps & Services Ecosystem

The general purpose and confidential compute capabilities allowed us to partner with companies providing best-of-breed cryptographic applications and services that can be integrated directly on the HSP for ease of use and higher levels of assurance.


Cloud-Native APIs

Our modern REST based APIs allow the HSP to be integrated into modern hybrid cloud environments and enable DevSecOps teams to take advantage of its advanced capabilities by using the tools and technologies they are used to.


Unified Approach for all Architectures

The HSP enables modern deployment architectures, whether fully on-prem, hybrid cloud, or fully hybrid multi-cloud based. This allows for flexible deployments that match an organization's current and future needs.

Hybrid Security Platform Key Components

Quantum Assured Security Module (QASM)      

The QASM is built upon our patented next-generation FPGA-based architecture that provides hardware-based cryptographic agility and assurance certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3+.

Quantum-Safe HSM

  • Supports both classical cryptography as well as post-quantum cryptography and enables Quorum-based Dual Control for advanced separation of duties and secure remote access.

Trusted Communications Matrix (TCMx)

  • Provides hardware-enforced access controls and network zoning through the use of built-in data guards.
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General Purpose and Confidential Compute Engines

To support modern applications and workloads, the HSP contains multiple general purpose and confidential compute engines that enable applications that require the use of strong cryptography to be hosted inside the secure boundary that the HSP provides. This enables developers to run their custom code and applications unmodified on the platform to enable new and exciting use cases.

Hybrid Security Platform Deployment Methods

QxEDGE™ for On-Premise and Edge

Extends the functionality of a classical HSM with quantum-ready capabilities, secure remote management for on-premise and edge deployments. It performs cryptographic services such as encryption, code signing, PKI, certificate authorities, unified key management, and more.

QxCloud™ for Private and Public Clouds

Cloud-based cryptographic operations and key management for deployments across private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. It enables protection against unauthorized access, maintains control of the root of trust, and provides remote management without the need for physical presence and more.

QxCloud™ as a Service

Cloud-scale seamless access and availability to hardware-based cryptography across multi-cloud environments, without the need to own the HSM. It allows for geo-location, time stamping, regulatory compliance, on-demand access to your cryptographic assets, and more.


Use Cases

  • Network-attached hardware security module (HSM)
  • Software and firmware supply chain security
  • Machine identity protection / public key infrastructure
  • Internet infrastructure security
  • IoT security
  • Secure Manufacturing


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