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Ontario Canada Quantum Partnership Forum - Europe

The event featured a keynote presentation and moderated panel discussion with thought leaders from key organizations and stakeholders in the Ontario Quantum technology sector including the Institute for Quantum Computing (University of Waterloo) and Creative Destruction Lab (CDL).

Crypto4A was one of the 7 Ontario Quantum technology companies to deliver their take on the future of quantum.

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White Papers

Sectorization: Addressing the Shortcomings of HBS

This whitepaper introduces the basic ideas behind hash-based signatures (HBS), discusses their suitability to use in a firmware or code-signing application, and describes some of their limitations in a real-world setting in disaster recovery and survivability. It proposes the use of sectorization as a means of addressing some of HBS’ shortcomings.

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Entropy Matters

High-quality entropy is an important cornerstone of security in an era of complex cloud computing deployments, machine intelligence, and the advent of quantum computers. This white paper walks you through the importance of entropy in the generation of cryptographic keys, why good entropy is difficult to create, and the role of NIST's entropy-as-a-service architecture. 

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Modern Hardware Security Modules Address Complexity

As more enterprises accelerate digital transformation across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, HSMs are increasingly becoming a holistic platform supporting a variety of emerging use cases where the encryption and public key infrastructure operations are required to protect sensitive information.

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Corporate Brief

Get a high-level overview of Crypto4A, its world-class team, and products.

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